About the Organ Quest

Hello and welcome to the Organ Quest of Neil and Connie Laubenthal. We started this quest back in the spring of 2000 at our first performance of the Symphony #3 Opus 78 “Organ” by Camile Saint-Saëns. Neil has always loved this symphony because of he loves pipe organ music…and took Connie to their first joint performance at the National Cathedral in Washington DC where they lived at the time. Connie decided she liked it too and they started looking for other performances to hear. Things went pretty slowly for a few years with just one more performance in 2001 at a church in Great Falls, VA. Starting in 2005 they decided to get serious about it and try to get to at least 5 performances per year. While they haven’t kept up this pace they are up to over 20 performances including one where they jetted off to London for the weekend and two weekend trips cross country to Los Angeles along with numerous other driving and/or flying trips to see performances. Connie is in charge of finding the candidates each year then they discuss which to attend. Top priority is given to performances with a pipe organ instead of electronic and performances by quality symphony orchestras. They have listened to several performances where either the orchestra, organ, or venue wasn’t up to the task but overall have many more good experiences than bad. 

The picture at the top of the pages of this blog includes a portrait of Saint-Saëns flanked by the stage/organ from the Disney Auditorium in Los Angeles where they heard the single finest performance they have heard and the stage/organ from the Calgary Auditorium.

This blog was transferred from it’s previous home on laubenthal.net and re-built in late 2012. Stay tuned for additional performance reports which will also be included on their full-time RV living blog at http://guntherandkara.com.

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