2013 Performances

Continuing on into 2013. Since we’re now caught up with the past performances; this post will be periodically updated as we continue our travels and listens.

Our first performance for this year was in Plano TX on April 27. The Plano Symphony performed at St. Andrews United Methodist Church. The symphony was pretty good for a community orchestra and the organ was large, excellently played, and really fit the acoustics of the church very well. The conductor kept the organ and orchestra well balanced throughout the piece and then let the organ shine in the Finale.


Next up…the Edmonton Symphony on June 1.

We arrived in Edmonton earlier in the week and spent 3 days hiking, touristing, and trying to stay dry since it rained almost every day we were here. Finally; Saturday evening came and we headed off to the Winspear Centre for the concert. Our first stop was the Sherlock Holmes Pub for dinner; we had a couple of pints and some pub food that was pretty tasty…then walked over to the concert hall. The program included a Fanfare and Chorale that was written 10 years ago by a local composer for the dedication of the organ, 3 choral pieces that Connie really enjoyed, and the Saint Saëns. The organ was very impressive looking and sounding and the organist let it rip in the finale of the symphony. The only negative aspect of the performance was that the conductor sort of rushed the last sections of the finale; it was almost like he was in a hurry to get to the end and didn’t really let the majesty of the music come through with a beat that was too quick in our opinion. Still an excellent performance over all though.


Next up, Seattle the end of June.

The performance by the SeattleSymphony was pretty good…the playing was excellent and the accompanying Wagner pieces were good as well. The only drawback was that the organ had insufficient high and mid range output so that it sounded like the treble on your radio had been turned way down. We couldn’t decide if it was deliberately tuned that way or whether the designer failed to adequately take the concert hall acoustics into account and under designed it. Here’s a shot of the stage and organ.

Seattle Symphony Orchestra2

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