2000 and 2001 Performances

Our first performance of the symphony was at the National Presbyterian Cathedral, Washington DC on May 23, 2000. This is a Gothic style cathedral with 3 pipe organs installed but all are capable of being played on a single console. We got last minute tickets and hence were sitting behind and to the left of the orchestra…the main nave of the cathedral is cross shaped with the orchestra sitting at the central junction. Due to our lousy seating and the reverberation issues in the cathedral due to being made in the Gothic style (all stone with nothing to really dampen out the reverberations) the performance was out of sync. Still though; this is the best single organ we’ve heard. Connie liked the performance a lot and we started our listening quest shortly thereafter.

Next up was a performance in April of 2001 at a small Catholic church in the Great Falls, VA area. Unfortunately neither of us can remember the name of the church or anything about the performance other than the time frame. We vaguely remember that the pipes were behind the altar itself and included in addition to normal vertical pipes long trumpet shaped pipes about 20 feet in length that were horizontal and projected over the alter. We can’t remember if this actually improved the sound but it did look pretty cool.

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